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Have I left it too late to get fit?

Osama from Florida had been a fit young man, but over a ten-year period, had let himself go. At the age of 27 and weighing 125 kg (19 st. 9 lb.) he asked if he could get back to fitness or if he'd left it too late to turn things around.

Hi Osama, of course you can, it’s never too late!

I was a “yo-yo” dieter for a long time, varying between 75 kg and 130 kg (I’m 180 cm tall), but about ten years ago, I started to take a more scientific approach to nutrition and monitoring calorie input / output and I’ve managed to maintain a healthy weight since then (I’m 58 years old and consistently around 80 kg).

My simple tips are:

  1. buy a sport watch, which allows you to monitor what energy you burn;

  2. count calories that you eat, always making sure that it’s a few less than you burn (how many less will determine how quickly you lose weight, but if you make the difference around 500 calories a day, you’ll lose weight at a sensible, sustainable rate);

  3. reduce your carbohydrate intake and increase your protein intake (try to get to a point where more than 30% of your calorie intake comes from protein and less than 40% of your calorie intake comes from carbohydrates);

  4. if you feel hungry, by all means eat more, but also burn more calories through exercise (your sport watch will show you how many extra calories you can eat);

  5. if you decide to get into shape by doing some resistance training in the gym, increase your protein intake so that you eat around 2 g of protein for every kg of body weight (so that would be 250 g of protein for your present weight); and

  6. if you have a bad day and find yourself having eaten loads and had no exercise, DON’T PANIC and DON’T GIVE UP. Get back on your horse and start again the next day… one day’s crazy eating won’t hurt.

I hope this helps and good luck.

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