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In this world of advanced technology, we can do almost anything at the click of a mouse or the sweep of a finger. However, much of what we do depends on our body and mind working well, and the more demands we put on it, the more vulnerable it is to failure.


We are not living in the fantasy world of James Cameron’s Avatar, so no matter how good the technology we use is, there is a risk that our body becomes the weakest link and lets everything else around us down. We owe it to ourselves to keep our mind and body in good working order and nutrition is key to this. 


In the past, it took a lot of time and effort to measure and keep track of what we eat and drink. However, the technology available to us is changing very quickly and opening up new possibilities to gather meaningful data quickly and easily.


Welcome to the world of CONN^CTED NUTRITION.


TH^N is creating a software application (app), which when all rolled out will allow users to quickly and easily monitor the macro and micro nutrients that they consume.


However, we will go much further than that. Over time, we will add software modules that will respond to the needs of every sector of the food and drink industry, in relation to the capture and management of data associated with nutrition.


In a truly joined up and connected way, TH^N will deliver a revolution in the way we think about food and drink, enabling us all to easily monitor and manage our intake and ultimately live a healthier life.


The app modules that will form integrated parts of the CONN^CTED NUTRITION range will include:

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